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Nablus Blend: Light Roast

Nablus Blend: Light Roast

This fine blend of South American coffee beans has a sweet lemon-milk chocolate-balanced & lasting finish. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Malak H
Amazinggggg (esp for shaken espressos)

I make shaken espressos at home, and have tried espresso blends from allll my local coffee shops. Nothing compares to the Nablus blend. It froths so nicely, tastes smooth and creamy, and has genuinely become my favorite coffee.

Superb Coffee

Honestly, this is my daily driver coffee and it’s just fantastic. It works well hot or over ice and is the perfect balance of body and acidity. I would highly recommend anybody try the Nablus blend; and this is coming from a 10 year coffee industry veteran!

Rebecca Leigh
A lovely coffee!

Perfect pick me up. Nice and strong with a good flavor to it too. Makes for a good iced coffee as well!

Aaron Rubedo
Nablus Blend <3

I've only had a few kinds of coffee in my life, but this is absolutely my favorite so far :) the flavor is really nice and even making a strong cup it goes really well with milk and tastes really good. I planned to get one bag a month all summer ending when I go back to college, but I hope I'll end up with an extra sealed one to take with me so I can taste it again when I have the chance.


I’ve been subscribed to the monthly order of the Nablus blend for a few months and am loving it. I use it for my morning espresso and it’s delicious every time. It also always arrives when expected. The subscription is also so affordable. Would definitely recommend this company to others!